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Cylinder Honing Machine THM170

Dimension and weight
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1.     The spindle adopts the stepless variable speed for its reciprocating motion and rotation.
2.     Short-stroke honing can be easily realized at any position within the travel of spindle to conveniently revise the workpiece.
3.     Diameter of the honing head can be optionally changed during honing.
4.     The spindle box is provided with pneumatic system for its convenient and flexible movement and easy centering.
5.     Frame type worktable can realize up-down motion and rotation as well as the machining of v-shaped block and any other complicated workpiece even without the special fixture.
Main specifications

Maximum honing diameter
Φ170 mm
Minimum honing diameter with automatic expansion honer
Φ35 mm
Honer max. stoke
300 mm
Cylinder bearing plate vertical stroke
200 mm
Workpiece max. length
1200 mm
Cylinder bearing plates width
400 mm
Workpiece max. height
600 mm
Spindle head longitudinal stroke
1100 mm
Spindle head transversal stroke
80 mm
Spindle head motor
2 HP
Hydraulic plant motor
1.5 HP
Electropump power
0.30 HP
Spindle rotating speed
100-300 rpm
Spindle alternative motion speed
0-18 m/min
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)
1800×1300×2200 mm
Packing dimensions(L×W×H)
2000×1500×2400 mm
1200 /1400 kg

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