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Milling&Drilling Machine ZX Series

Dimension and weight
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Model ZX7045 ZX7040 ZX7032 ZX7025 ZX7020 ZX7016
Max. borehole diameter 45mm 31.5mm 31.5mm 25mm 20mm 16mm
Maximum milling width 80mm 80mm 80mm 63mm 50mm 50mm
Maximum diameter of
the milling
28mm 28mm 22mm 12mm 12mm 12mm
Maximum stroke of
120mm 120mm 120mm 90mm 125mm 100mm
Distance from center
line of spindle to
surface of upright
260mm 272.5mm 202mm 202mm 240mm 193mm
Spindle nose to
table the maximum
475mm 450mm 460mm 380mm 375mm 300mm
End taper of spindle MT.4 MT.3 MT.3 MT.3 MT.2 MT.2
Speed range of spindle 65-1380rpm 95-1600rpm 100-2150rpm 100-2150rpm 320-1320rpm 320-2700rpm
Spindle speed steps 6 6 12 12 4 5
Dimensions of worktable 820*240mm 730*210mm 730*210mm 585*190mm 560*200mm 500*170mm
Table travel 550*200mm 500*175mm 500*175mm 370*145mm 280*150mm 200*90mm
Height 1050mm 1100mm 1095mm 930mm 980mm 937mm
Electric motor 1100W 6 750W 4 1500W 4 750W 4 1100W 6 550W 6
Gross weight/
Net weight
370/320kg 307/275kg 310/275kg 225/185kg 180/210kg 150/145kg
Size 105*100*116cm 100*86*117cm 105*100*117cm 95*90*113cm 90*73*96cm 97*65*90cm

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