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Cylinder Head and Block Resurfacing Machine-THL850



THL850 is made by THL plant only.
we found some seller is selling different machine but use THL850 model name.

Please be careful, not buy fake machine.


THL–-THL Machine       

Surface Milling only          

850–-Max workpiece length

Got many inquires from client who want a small head surfacer, we make the surface milling machine THL850.
Maximum 850mm length and 430mm height of workpiece, THL850 can do job of inline 6 block and head.
The adjustable head and table speeds with frequency inverters, and equipped with CBN and PCD cutter, machine can reach good surfacing result. 
Amazing cost make it best machine for small garages.


Model THL850
Table travel 1115mm
Max. workpiece lenght 850mm
Max. workpiece width 330mm
Max. workpiece height 430mm
Min. workpiece height 160mm
Table feed 0÷600mm/min
Milling wheel diameter 330 mm (13")
Cutting tool speed 300÷1200g/min(rpm)
Voltage(+/- 15%) 230V , 400V
Phases 1 ,  3 degree IP 44
Main motor power 1.5kw
Gear box motor power 0.75kw
Total power 2.25kw
Environment conditions:
15÷90 %RH
Weight 800kg
Dimensions length*width*height 1720*870*1630mm