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Ball head seat cutting kit SGM-500-AZ

Dimension and weight
PDF Brochure

30mm ball driver
Fit AZ machine
Fit 9.525mm pilot



Part No. Descriptions
SGM-1025-30 Cutter Body1.00-1.56 in.(25.4-39.6mm)
SGM-1030-30 Cutter Body1.50-2.5 in.(38.1-63.5mm)
VSC-06045 Insert, 30-45-60,1.5mm
VSC-08045 Insert, 30-45-60,2.0mm
SGM-1045 Insert Holder Assy.1.00-1.25 in.(25.4-31.7mm)
SGM-1055 Insert Holder Assy.1.20-1.56 in.(30.5-39.6mm)
SGM-1060 Insert Holder Assy.1.50-1.94 in.(38.1-49.2mm)
SGM-1065 Insert Holder Assy.1.88-2.5 in.(47.6.1-63.5mm)
VSC-400 Setting Fixture
PSP-215 Spring, Short
PSP-216 Spring, Long
VSC-509 Spring Bushing (4)
PWMM-8 Spanner Wrench
PWMM-9 Spanner Wrench
SGM-1015 Cutter Body Wrench
SGM-1100 Pilot Removal Tool

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